Fashion Week: Helena Christensen + Rachel Roy + Skunk = Awesome


Helena Christensen and Rachel Roy on team Whitney

It’s Fashion Week, that antiquated remnant of more prosperous New York times, here to defy the recession once more. Last night, Rachel Roy’s sedate Fall 2009 show began the festivities at the IAC Building with class and sophistication. Voice editors Araceli Cruz and Stacey Anderson–after much champagne–reported back.


AC: So is it safe to say you’re coherent now?

SA: Well I just spilled water on half my invites. I hope this is not a problem at Reem Acra.

AC: Fuck it at this point. Rachel Roy’s presentation was such an amazing start to Fashion Week, that I’m really not thinking about what’s next on our schedule.

SA: Well the male models at Richard Chai, obviously.

AC: Yes! Aside from that what did you think?

SA: Well like we were talking about, there is a rigidity to fashion that is glamorous at first and then pretty off-putting. Like, they just told those models “Scowl” as editorial direction. What did you think?

AC: I was sort of taken by the fact that the show, unbeknownst to us, started not just on time, but there was no runway just row after row of models.

SA: It was very “Logan’s Run” all the immobile stiff people.

AC: And it worked so well. Very casual.

SA: In the future maybe we will all be that tall and thin?

AC: As soon as I saw Andre Leon Talley I knew I had made it! Not sure where exactly, but definitely somewhere.

SA: Dude TOTALLY. We were only there for about a minute before he walked in, and you could feel the whole environment change. I liked his appraising look at the models, and watching them glance back at him.

AC: YES! As if we were all in some fashion editorial shoot or something. He has this larger than life presence. His stature has something to do with it. But what was he wearing, skunk ?

SA: I’m pretty sure that was a skunk scarf or something.

AC: Well, whatever it was, it was fabulous.

SA: Which is exactly what Vogue needs to promote this fall, woodland chic.

AC: So would you say the line itself was “underestimated elegance” as the designer hoped?

SA: Right, her presentation folder commented on “inward tranquility from finding strength in what is true and elegant” i.e. skunk. But yes, I found her stuff very tasteful–a lot of asymmetrical cuts, some lace, long skirts. You?

AC: The execution alone, from the bob wigs, dark lipstick and almost robotic stance, really made the pieces pop.

SA: The hair and makeup was very monochromatic – a lot of black and blonde.

AC: And it wasn’t like she used outlandish colors, mostly gray, beige, black, champagne tones.

SA: It definitely seems like a trend. While we were sitting on the sidelines, drinking free booze – because as writers, that is all we know how to do – we commented on how few people were wearing bright colors in the crowd.

AC: I understand that black always works especially at occasions such as this, but I think I did pretty well in my yellow cardigan.

SA: You’re young! You wear yellow! You do what you want!

AC: I casually (haha) ran into Veronica Webb, who wasn’t wearing black, but simply skinny jeans, cute top and who happened to love Roy’s gray flannel suits. She said should have done an entire season with those pieces alone, and that she loved the show.

SA: An entire season of gray? We are in a depression.

AC: I think it’s quite fitting actually. Why be loud? Simple, clean, and bold cuts. This sets a clear tone.

SA: Well, there is a movement that a lot of consumers who shop at high-end stores are requesting plain brown bags, so this is fitting, yeah. It’s not cool to carry a gargantuan Bendel’s bag anymore.

AC: Exactly. And if you noticed the tops themselves, so ’80s, it’s like our modern take of the depression.

SA: Maybe it all intentionally harkens back to the ’82 recession.

AC: Miami Vice meets, help me out here, hahaha.

SA: Um when it comes to Miami Vice, you’re on your own sister.

AC: Roy had a ton of bustier tops, and I loved the half shoulder pieces.

SA: Right she had a dress with one long sleeve and almost a halter on the other half. Could be very Harvey Dent but the look was quite elegant. But I do agree that we will see more demure collections this year than in the past.

AC: Ok on to better things. Did you get a load of Olivia Palmero?

SA: THANK YOU! All I can say is that she was clearly in her element: camera crews, sparkly things. She looked elated. You’re the one who follows her adventures every week – what did YOU think?

AC: I was quite surprised to see her there. I wouldn’t say Roy is her line of style. I mean it makes sense though really. Since this was the unofficial official start to Fashion Week, of course she’d be there waiting to have her picture taken. She literally knew one person there. She walked around waiting to get acknowledged, and soon as they did, she got her flashing lights moment and then was gone.

SA: She did give me an expectant look at the beginning, like “Aren’t you aching to take my photograph?” To which I walked away and got another glass of champagne–or wait, what does she call champagne?

AC: Champy.


AC: Speaking of, how many glasses did you really have!?

SA: Three and three quarters.

AC: Not counting the one we split.

SA: Then three and a quarter.

AC: What did the wait staff say to you as you left? Toodles?!

SA: Oh yeah, we were practically on first-name basis. The first (FIRST) time I double-fisted off their tray, the cute one said, “I like her style.”

AC: It’s just like writers to stray from the crowd, photogs, stand in the back and just drink.

SA: Oh, completely.

AC: But I really did enjoy that this show was so casual.

SA: Yeah, neither of us have been to a very formal fashion show, so I wonder what will happen when we are seated at a runway. Will we have to respond very dramatically to everything? At Roy, we could just mill around and hone in on what interested us.

AC: Ok, lets wrap this up so we can try and head out to Laura Dawson’s party.


AC: Thank you!

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