How Do You Spell G-U-T-B-O-M-B?


Click to make this beautiful pastry life size!

Nothing compares with the old-world goodness of Teutonic pastries–well, nothing I can think of at this moment. This $1.75 morsel from Greenpoint’s distinguished Peter Pan Bakery features a thick white pudding poised between custard and cheesecake, generously flooded with canned berries so deep in goo that if you turn it upside down so the filling falls out it would land with a flop on the ground, quiver, and then assume exactly the same shape. With freehand frosting squiggles applied by some budding Rauschenberg or Pollock, this treat is today’s Gutbomb Extraordinaire. 727 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 718-389-3676

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