Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Avoid Fighting At Charlotte Ronson Show


photos courtesy of David Wentworth

From my angle — sixth row, toward the end of the runway at Charlotte Ronson’s Bryant Park show — I’m perfectly situated near the DJ booth, a blinding corridor of flashbulbs and hysteria. Samantha Ronson, the DJ, is at least half the show here; she spins country ballads from the ’50s while Lindsay Lohan, who is to Sam what Sam is to Charlotte, stands idly, protectively by in a soon-to-be-debuted Ronson paisley beige and black dress.

Looking at them being all cute and talking about god knows what is pretty interesting for a while, but no drama ensues. So instead I peek between the heads in front of me, trying not to stand up, checking out any other celebs. Everyone sort of looks like they’re somebody, or at least they behave as such. Sean Lennon makes an appearance, as did Mark, the other, more musically inclined Ronson sibling.

Mark, far left, Sean in the specs

The line itself, a post-war military feminine theme, was quite disappointing. Out of 40 pieces, the first half included a lot of patterns and concepts that we saw last year: black leather and plaid. You’d expect a young designer like Ronson to take more risks, and by that we don’t mean the MC Hammer pants she seems to think are making a comeback. There were a few highlights, including a floral printed shirt-dress with artillery belts and another with a black satin corset. Ronson’s pieces may have been boring, but thankfully, watching Lindsay and Samantha wasn’t.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 13, 2009

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