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Staten Island Senator Talks Back to Mayor


Even Staten Islanders are cracking on Bloomberg these days. Staten Island-based state senator Diane Savino is the new senate civil service and pensions committee chair, and she said yesterday in the Staten Island Advance that when it comes to changing pension and compensation plans for new civil servants, collective bargaining with unions is the proper method and “it is not appropriate for the legislature to insert itself into the collective bargaining process” — which seems to contradict Governor Paterson’s idea to change pension plans with his budget legislation. Mayor Bloomberg saw that and said, while “she’s 100% right, unfortunately, the law is exactly the reverse. She should — I’ve got to — we’ll talk to her today and get her to read the law.”

Today Savino responded, “He says that I’m one hundred percent right, so I’m not certain what he’s complaining about.” Also, “the process of collective bargaining is clear. The mayor can seek to rewrite history if he wants to… But [pension changes] always come after an agreement between the public sector union leaders and the employees of either the city or the state.” And, “Maybe he’s frustrated because he can’t do what he wants to do on his own.”

Oh, snap! When he hears that, he’ll have to go to the yacht club or the Kennedy compound for a pep talk.


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