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Stimulus Passes in House; GOP Pleased With Unanimous Defeat


The version of the stimulus bill earlier approved by negotiators from both houses of Congress has passed in the House. As with the original bill, no Republican Congressmen voted in favor, which is apparently alright with Obama because he’s sick of them anyway.

Many conservatives are outraged. “This is the New Politics, which is apparently as bad, but more expensive, than the Old Politics,” says Commentary. Obama “will pay dearly for his hardball tactics later,” threatens Don Surber. The Weekly Standard, though, is delighted that the Republicans hung together: “[Republican House Whip] Cantor whipped another perfect game and seems well able to keep his troops in line — even if they can’t actually prevent the majority from ramming through whatever legislation it wants.” And with that sort of discipline, they should be able to successfully lose a whole lot of other votes, too.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 13, 2009


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