YouTube Treasure: Attack of The Glamorous C Word!


Ever have a friend who wears a shiny top and a giant babushka that looks right out of Dr. Zhivago via the Afro wigs in Mahogany and who proceeds to cut down your taste (“You know nothing!”) and your place (“a shithole!”), along with every single thing you say and do? Then you must be a friend of mine. And you would also enjoy some quality time with Royce, a darling diva with a mouth on fire, reading into her friend Marilyn in a way that brings all new truth to the phrase “With friends like these…”

Fortunately, Royce redeems herself in the second clip, where she is grand enough to share the bed with Marilyn and a giant stuffed bunny in between clink-clinks. I have no idea who the fuck these people are, but it is imperative that you watch this shit! If you don’t think it’s worth two minutes of your time, you know nothing!

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