New York

Buffalo Plane Crash Cause Debated; “Gawkers” Haunt Site


The commuter plane crash in Buffalo continues to be examined. It has been confirmed that Continental Connection Flight 3407 was on autopilot before its fatal descent, which some suggest was a “deadly error” that shielded the pilot from the severity of the situation until it was too late. Once autopilot was disinengaged, it is believed, the ice-encrusted plane fell quickly. CBS News says the National Trasportation Safety Board recently questioned whether the FAA was doing enough to ensure the safety of small crafts in icy weather, though the plane in this case was brand new and equipped with the latest de-icing gear.

The names of most crash victims — a prominent African human rights advocate among them — have been released and some services have been held. One of the survivors from the house the plane fell on gave an interview to Buffalo’s WEBN. The Staten Island Advance says “gawkers” in Buffalo’s Clarence Center neighborhood are “parking cars and trespassing through backyards to get close to the wreckage,” and troopers are still engaged in turning them away.


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