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Couple Killed in SI Hit-and-Run by Man with 17 Suspensions


Livery car driver Mohamed Elnahal was driving his wife, Mervat Saad Ibrahim, and a friend, Nabila Ahmed, early Saturday morning on Staten Island when a Mercedes ran a red light at the corner of Cebra Avenue and Victory Boulevard and hit them broadside. Elnahal and Ibrahim were killed; Ahmed is in stable condition. The driver appeared to have been fleeing a police van at the time, a passer-by tells the Staten Island Advance, but the police insist the van was not in pursuit; Advance commenters argue about this and other aspects of the case.

The alleged driver of the Mercedes, Theodore Ricks, and his passenger, William Knight, residents of Richmond Terrace Houses, were arrested at the scene, Ricks for leaving the scene of an accident (he tried to run; his license has been suspended 17 times) and Knight for possession of marijuana. An ADA tells Newsday that Knight told cops the victims “should have been wearing seatbelts.” Elnahal and Ibrahim leave twin 13-year-old sons, who “held wooden shards of their parents’ coffins as a remembrance.” The bodies of Elnahal and Ibrahim are en route to their native Egypt for burial.

Photo (cc) timetrax23.


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