Kate Moss Says She’s Not 3 Months Pregnant


“Turning up on a modeling call–I still enjoy it, but it doesn’t get me going,” Kate Moss says (with the guidance of her collaborator, Philip Green) to New York magazine. That’s why she’s doing Topshop, her clothier. “With Topshop, you can go in and… you’re on budget, major… you can go in and not have to spend fortunes.” (It’s true; you can get some Topshop dresses for as little as $44.) She also disputes extant rumors that she’s pregnant (though the News of the World says she’s three months along): “I just put on a couple of pounds, and they went in the right place.” (“Now you’ve got titties,” clarifies Green. “How exciting.”) She talks about the Prince of Wales (“HRH! That’s what I called him. HRH”) and reveals that at openings at the Met, “everybody’s in the toilets at the Met smoking. The last time I went, Vanessa Redgrave — I love Vanessa Redgrave — had pockets in her dress with her fags in it.” It’s every bit as exciting as it sounds. Photo (cc) Loz Flowers.



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