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Latest Real Estate Buys in the $3,825 – $41,000,000 Range


We figured this would be of pressing interest to our readers: Forbes says that “owners of luxury residencies are cutting prices by 20% to 25% on average,” and there are bargains out there for smart shoppers: For example, Julian Schnabel’s twin Palazzo Chupi properties, once going for $59 million/pair, are now on offer for $41 million. Like most such articles, this one includes a warning that “the industry is showing some signs of life,” so don’t sleep on these bargains. For you folks at the other end of the food chain, Rutenberg Realty offers the above-videoed West Village 1BR, all 920 luxurious square feet of it, for just a “Net Effective Rent” of $3,825. Revel in its shiny, characterless surfaces!

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