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Latest Real Estate Buys in the $3,825 – $41,000,000 Range




We figured this would be of pressing interest to our readers: Forbes says that “owners of luxury residencies are cutting prices by 20% to 25% on average,” and there are bargains out there for smart shoppers: For example, Julian Schnabel’s twin Palazzo Chupi properties, once going for $59 million/pair, are now on offer for $41 million. Like most such articles, this one includes a warning that “the industry is showing some signs of life,” so don’t sleep on these bargains. For you folks at the other end of the food chain, Rutenberg Realty offers a West Village 1BR, all 920 luxurious square feet of it, for just a “Net Effective Rent” of $3,825. Revel in its shiny, characterless surfaces!

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