New York Toy Fair Opens Today with Sinister Gadgets


The American International Toy Fair is on at the Javits Center. The big opening day news is that Lego and Disney have entered a licensing deal, and you know what that means: Land of the Legos, starring Brendan Fraser and Dakota Fanning, in which they, the Power Miners, and lovable Lego George Wendt fight to save Lego City from evil Lego yuppies.

Among the odder entries are MindFlex Games, in which you wear Exorcist II: The Heretic headgear and move Nerf balls with your brain; plush toy robots “whose purpose is to improve the lives of mothers and their children living in New York shelters” (via matching funds, apparently, not as we had hoped by being programmed to roll drunks); and the above-videoed Rubik’s TouchCube, an electronic Rubik’s Cube that removes the small amount of physical effort originally required, which is advertised as an improvement. The show runs through Wednesday.



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