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Quick Hits – 2/16/2009


Bartender Leo Cook of Bloomington, Indiana has won T.G.I. Friday’s Utimate Beverage competition with his “Vanilla Lemon Ice,” which will be served at Friday’s restaurants starting today. The drink comprises Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, triple sec, lemonade and Sprite. Bring the kids!

A young Harlem mother came home to her apartment early this morning and discovered her 14-month-old son Heshesh Brent and his 18-year-old babysitter Naisha Hicks were missing. After several hours of panic, Heshesh was returned to his mother in good condition by “an unidentified man.” The babysitter is being questioned by police.

After close semantic analysis, Post blogger Justin Terranova notices “A-Rod Never Said ‘Steroids.'” Substance was the word he used in his alleged confession last week. Commenters are divided between “Leave the guy alone already” and “It is the same as Giambi’s non-apology apology.”

More Oscar news: producers say there will be “top secret” presenters at this year’s Academy Awards. Runnin’ Scared has learned that the secret presenters will be, thanks to CNN holographic technology, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, Myrna Loy, Natalie Wood and, in a special song number with Seth Rogen. Jimmy Durante.

If you’re not tired of fighting over the late East Village activist Antonio Pagan yet, the Villager has a roundup of reminiscences from his friends and opponents, including continued speculation on his demise: “Several people said it seemed almost as if Pagan really had been trying to eat and drink himself to death.”

To close out your Presidents’ Day, C-Span asked a bunch of historians like Richard Norton Smith, Andrew Ferguson, and Lou Cannon to rank the Presidents. Lincoln, as he had the last time C-Span did this in 2000, finished first; George Washington scooched by FDR for second; Nixon rose, Carter dropped, and James Buchanan beat Andrew Johnson for Worst President Ever, perhaps a sentimental gesture toward the recently departed John Updike, who wrote a very bad play about the 15th President.



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