Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Last Vegas’s “I’m Bad”


Last week’s prediction: Kiss My Ass.

Five guys with stage-names chasing the wobbly dream of ’80s hard rock superstardom, Last Vegas bear the all important 2009 Mötley Crüe cosign, which will surely come in handy when soliciting Guitar Center endorsements. World historical developments have conspired to turn a career path that once promised hookers and blow into a career path selling the vague promise of hookers and blow to an ever-growing parade of sponsors– Guitar Hero 2,, NBC Sports, UK’s Kerrang Radio, MTV, MTV2, Fox, Fuel TV, Fearless TV/Radio, Q101, WLUP, The G-Hole, Camel Farm Program and as the official music of Kyle Busch Motor Sports, according to their website press kit.

Like Chinese Democracy, “I’m Bad” serves, if nothing else, as a reminder that rock and roll still definitely sounds like Axl-moans and post-Marilyn Manson-type ominous whispering to a huge cross-section of humanity. Really, it’s all in the song title–they’re bad, they’ll take your soul, turn the lights out in your apartment, suck the life out of you, and record a promo spot for the G-Hole, all before breakfast. Says the always reliable Refereeman869: “So it sounds pretty generic with the heavy drums and guitar, along with the screaming.” And this very publication is on record with this genre designation: “Well-swung post-garage pre-punk and/or pre-grunge long-haired dirty-white-boy riff-and-squeal hard rock”–one guess who wrote that bit.

Next week’s prediction: From the UK?

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