Fashion Indie Founder to Sue the Observer for Bitchery


Daniel Saynt of Fashion Indie regrets he cannot continue coverage of Fashion Week (go see ours instead!) because he is currently preoccupied with a lawsuit against the New York Observer. It seems the pink paper ran an item recently that recorded Saynt’s comment, “Yeah, let Fashion Indie educate you in the way of the crash,” asked “But is showing up uninvited really the best way for bloggers to gain entree to the orderly, hierarchical fashion world?” and quoted the Style Coalition’s Yuli Ziv, who implied disapproval of Saynt.

Today Saynt writes, “Events, editorial launches and video premieres have been halted due to a pending lawsuit we have against The New York Observer” because the paper “described myself and my company as a bunch of wanton renegades set to unhinge the fashion industry with our careless disregard for protocol,” which accusations were “based off of unfounded facts that a reporter from the publication had garnered from a competing online media company.”

Saynt’s feuded with his colleagues in the press before, but this is big game even for him. We left a message for him but haven’t heard back. Photo (cc) J I J y.