Games-Based Grade School to Open in New York


People who think the ability to play games is a neglected form of pure knowledge will be pleased to hear that the Institute of Play, in cooperation with the Pearson Foundation and The New School and with a MacArthur grant, is opening “Quest to Learn, New York’s school for digital kids,” next year with a class of 6th-graders. Don’t worry, they’ll get education in traditional subjects such as “reading, writing, and designing with digital media,” but in an environment that “uses the underlying design principles of games to create highly immersive, game-like learning experiences.” Details are forthcoming, but teachers are sought who have an “interest in teaching beyond the more narrow confines of their subject areas,” and the project is advertised with manga characters. Boing Boing is naturally excited: “Man, that sounds good enough to move to NYC for.” We imagine it will be something like this. Open houses start February 25 at Parsons. Photo (cc) JohnWIlson1969.


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