Is The Octuplet Lady The Biggest Mother of Them All?


Who’s the grandest, most baby popping mother in our great tabloid nation? Here are your mo-fo choices:

*Nadya Suleman, the octuplet lady. She’s popped out 14 human lives in total, all thanks to the very same sperm donor (Jodie Foster?). The woman spews children out of her privates like a Civil War cannon. And she looks like Angelina Jolie! Making her a little less popular, though, is the fact, that California tax money is supporting her embryo mania.

*Angelina Jolie. She looks like Angelina Jolie too! And she has six children–three from her womanhood and three adopted–not to mention three Golden Globe awards. In between acceptance speeches, saving the world, and mating with Brad Pitt, she manages to compare beauty tips with the kids.

*Mia Farrow. At her maternal peak, Mia had amassed 15 children, a whole organism more than Nadya Suleman’s later body count. One of them ran off with Mia’s husband, as is now legend, and I’m sure Mia was thrilled when they made her a grandmother!

So who’s the biggest mother of them all?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 17, 2009

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