On Asher Roth’s “Silly Boy,” or, the Newest Episode of the White Rapper Show


Well, that didn’t take long–behold, the first defensive, self-justifying, white rapper-on-white rapper beef of Asher Roth’s career. In one corner: Copywrite, a no-account Ohio-born white guy who got kicked out of El-P’s “supergroup” the Weatherman in 2005 and who has struggled to get out mixtapes since. In the other: Asher Roth, a Pennsylvania-born well educated young man who is working his way up to becoming the white rabies froth on the face of rap in 2009. Their collision course: “The Real Fake Shady/Asher to Ashes,” a comical bit of Eminem standom that doubles as an attempt to pull Asher’s card for sounding like…Eminem.

Asher’s response, “Silly Boy,” is also the rapper’s most consciously Eminem track to date, a kind of “Patiently Waiting” on goofballs. I think he’s doing this because their unspoken duel rules obligate both clowns to prove they can sound like Eminem while also touting their own white originality, the anxiety of influence, etc. And though this is probably a glimpse into what Asher Roth deals with everyday, as far as hearing that name over and over again (count the references in “Asher to Ashes,” then throw up), it doesn’t make it easier for the rest of us to take. Who fucking cares? “You’re vanilla frappe, arguably killing rap”–please, everyone, look in the mirror for a second. [2DopeBoyz]

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