Rave Reviews For Project Runway Film A Fraud!


Eleven Minutes–a documentary that catches up with Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll–may or may not be a masterpiece of cinematic design. The buzz on the flick happens to be very strong, mainly because it got an 83% rating over at, at least as of the other day. But when I really examined the reviews posted on that site’s Eleven Minutes page, the only one that was really a critique of that particular film was extremely negative. (“…This documentary should have gone on only as long as its title.”) All the raves were strangely for a film called Out of the Blue, which focuses on a massacre in New Zealand. For some reason, critical valentines to a faraway-tragedy drama landed on the page for a fashion-biz frou-frou about the aftermath of a reality show blitz! Talk about rotten tomatoes! What’s the connection? Is McCarroll out of the blue fabric?

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