Red Sox Fan Who Batted New Yorker Walks


Take care on your next trip to Falmouth, Masachusetts, New Yorkers, at least during baseball season. Last summer William Nestor III of Freeport, Long Island was hit with a baseball bat by local man Robert Correia, in the company of some others who suspected Nestor of being a Yankee fan by evidence of his license plate. The incident was believed to be provoked by the Yankees’ recent series against the Sox. Correia was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and malicious damage to a motor vehicle, but yesterday he got off light: his case will be “continued without a finding” for two years, a local court ruled, during which time Correia is advised to “stay out of trouble.” He has been ordered to pay $550 in restitution and go to counseling. His attorney had argued that, though Correia fetched an aluminum bat to the fracas, and hit Nestor with it, he was merely trying “to defuse the situation.” Photo (cc) jking89.


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