The Other, Really White Meat


The National Pork Board, an organization responsible for hyping pork (as if pork needed any promotion), is to blame for the painful slogan “The Other White Meat.”

For years, I’ve pondered that slogan. So what then is “The Original White Meat”? You might be tempted to say chicken, but then chicken isn’t really meat, is it? It’s poultry.

Well, what might be an answer to that question recently landed in my email inbox, in the form of a proud announcement by the National Pork Board of a new Consumer Advisory Council, including such luminaries as Chicago’s excellent gringo Mexican chef Rick Bayless, and Michael Giletto, a Jersey guy who cooks at a country club, and whose claim-to-fame seems to be that he assisted Cat Cora on Iron Chef America. Good going, dude!

But as I ran my eye over the committee members (Who must be getting paid plenty for their advisory superpowers, judging by their happy pusses!), I couldn’t help but notice that the august pork board hadn’t managed to find any, shall we say, participants of color. C’mon guys! Black folks and other non-Caucasoids were appreciating pork way before you got the idea to form a National Pork Board. Maybe you think of homo sapiens as “The Other White Meat.”

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