Yelping for John Dory


photo: Daniel Neuner

Last week, Frank Bruni reviewed April Bloomfield’s John Dory (85 Tenth Avenue), giving it two stars worth of love, but how much love is the new seafood restaurant getting from yelpers? Surprisingly, there are only 8 reviews for the John Dory on Yelp, averaging 3.5 stars, due in part to a contested 1 star review. Oh, the controversy. The Yelp hi-lights are after the jump.

Five stars
“this is an open letter to Kristina K.: you are a lying and abusive idiot. Normally would mind my own business but I happened to be sitting at the John Dory bar that night and her party came in extremely drunk and raucous.”

Four stars
“All told, our meal was about $300. A lot I thought for just the two of us. HOWEVER, we did order two half bottles ($60 each) of wine, 3 appetizers and two mains AND dessert. So, maybe it wasn’t that bad.”

Three stars
“After this meal, it made me think… would the pig be as good if it was just as expensive as John Dory? Probably not. If they priced that burger at $25+, I don’ t think it would be the same. Would their apps be worth it at $20? I don’t think so.”

“I thought this would be a seafood version of the Spotted Pig… the food was great but the atmosphere was not. While a great place for smaller parties, it is kind of what you expect for a Manhattan meat packing district restaurant.”

One star
(from the aforementioned Kristina K.)
“We had made reservations a week in advance and we were there for an hour and NOW you tell us that you can’t seat a party of more than 6!!!!!!!! I’m so upset as I’m writing this and cannot express to everyone on yelp how disappointing I am… We left hungry and upset.  NEVER AGAIN!!”

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