Are People Still Defending Chris Brown?


In a masochistic mood, I googled “defend Chris Brown” the other day and came up with a ton of material showing that many starstruck fans and friends of the singer have been enthusiastically rallying to his side after his reported beating of Rihanna made headlines.

These weirdos are turning backflips to find any reason that could justify, excuse, or wipe away the horror of this high-profile abuse case. Everything from “It takes two to argue” to “She provoked him” to “He’s not a violent guy” to “Maybe it didn’t really happen.”

I guess their starry-eyed feelings for Rihanna pale next to their need to vindicate an equally famous male brutalizer. It’s a case of sympathy for the devil, and it’s got to stop already! What kind of sick culture tries to find excuses for someone being bloodied and thrown to the wayside? Dragging up the old “She deserved it” or “He’s a great guy” routines only serve to sugarcoat the damage and pave the way for more of it.

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