Stop, David Byrne, before you make us feel bad. The restless mogul founded the crucial new wave outfit Talking Heads; penned a disco opera about Imelda Marcos; collaborated with everyone from Brian Eno to Selena; founded his own radio station; rewired ferry terminals; scored avant-garde opera; directed documentaries; published a book of drawings of trees; won a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe; ran his own world-music record label; and scored a ballet. And, the other day, he tipped a waiter 25 percent. He’s the King Midas of fringe culture, and Radio City may be the only venue in town that can properly sanctify his amazing ambition. And whatever experimental whim he indulges next, that wavery croon is eternal.

Fri., Feb. 27, 8 p.m., 2009

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