Cradle of Filth+Satyricon


Cradle of Filth’s evil-lite and gothically-goosed black metal falls into the symphonic camp—and it’s pretty cheesy but, minus the power balladry, still a lot of fun. Satyricon are Norway’s proud extreme metal export: Once being the tr00-est, kvltest corpse-painted dudes on the block, they’ve streamlined and “rocked out” their blackened sound in favor of catchy diabolical riffs, pummeling groove-oriented drums (thanks to scene legend Frost), and shrieking vocals that pack actual hooks. The new one, The Age of Nero, doesn’t shine as darkly as the last few—a little too same-y—but still delivers some stellar jams. A great live band and their first stateside appearance in several years.

Fri., Feb. 27, 7 p.m., 2009