Foie Gras: Fork in the Road Investigates


Photo by Amol Mhatre

Two weekends ago, I went up to Ferndale, NY to check out Hudson Valley Foie Gras, the nation’s largest foie gras farm and see for myself exactly how it’s made. I saw everything from the chicks to the force-feeding process to the slaughter.

The endless back and forth over foie gras–this impeccably credentialed vet says foie gras is torture, this impeccably credentialed vet says it’s humane–seemed to have no resolution except to go up and see it for myself. Although I’m a meat eater, I went with an open mind–no food is so delicious that it could justify animal abuse. I hope you’ll read the story with an equally open mind.

There’s also a slide show of the workings of the farm, chicks to slaughter, here.

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