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Mickey Rourke’s Old Friend Says “Call Me!”


One of the wild things about a comeback story is that everyone you’ve ever met crawls out of the woodwork and wants to be your friend and/or slave again. In Mickey Rourke‘s case, every living being who’s ever punched his face, licked it, or been the sexual recipient of his cling peaches is suddenly desperate to strike up a rekindled relationship. The Wrestlerstar is currently radioactive with renewed hotness–and he gives the only real speeches at all these otherwise insufferable awards shows, so I say let’s give him the Oscar just to get the speech! And then leave the guy alone!

But it turns out that one of Mickey’s old friends wants to reach out to him in a sincere way. He’s a fellow gossip columnist of mine who went on to become a cable TV personality, and he was ultra tight with the trannie-club-bouncer-turned-superstar–so much so that he and I had regular debates about the actor’s alleged spousal abuse, though the fights never led to him punching me. Click here for my column and find out who’s poignantly trying to wrestle Mickey’s attention back!

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