Here We Go Magic are the first great Brooklyn band to be influenced by the newer, poppier Animal Collective—all hazy textures, sparkly harmonies, and beats that walk erect after crawling out of the raver underworld. It’s not nearly as rhythmically complex or sonically sprawling as a lot of the art-rock clogging up your RSS feed, but it forms a perfect line in the sand between “experimental” and “stuff your mom could dig.” Instead of the Beach Boys comparisons of Panda Bear and Co., expect Here We Go Magic to get a few Simon and Garfunkel nods for their breezy coos and brooding whimsy. Similarly finding his way to Scarborough Fair is Los Angeles strummer Cary Brothers, who combines Rhymin’ Simon melodies with the gravitas and grandeur of ’90s Brit rock. With the Callers.

Tue., March 3, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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