Some of us are inspired by television to eat doughnuts, buy Snuggies, and smoke a lot of cigarettes. Rick Miller, however, took a slightly different route. Playing a bit part as Murderer #2 in a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Miller found himself with few lines and a lot of time on his hands. Rather than lazing around couch potato–style, Miller made television his muse and came up with what has become MacHomer, his one-man Groening-ization of Macbeth. Tonight and tomorrow, Miller transports New Yorkers to Springfield, Scotland, using some 50 eerily spot-on voices from television’s revered institution, The Simpsons, to reimagine the Bard’s tragedy as if it were Bart’s. Don’t miss Homer’s stomach-centric stream of consciousness mistaking a dagger for a slice of pizza and Marge’s gravelly desperation over that damned spot—unless you want to make “D’oh!” a new part of your vocabulary.

Sun., March 1, 8 p.m.; Mon., March 2, 3 & 8 p.m., 2009

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