Stoop Drinker Wins in Court


Kimber VanRy was ticketed in August for drinking a beer on his own stoop in Brooklyn, and decided a man’s stoop is his castle and that he would fight the charge. Earlier this month the judge in the case, Jerome Kay, recused himself, saying “I know that building, I know that stoop, so remaining on the case would give the appearance that I could not be fair.” (We suspect Kay was sympathetic to the drinker, as he had been dissed by quality-of-life freak Mayor Giuliani in 1996.)

VanRy must have sensed the tide turning in his favor, and it has: the Brooklyn Paper tells us his case was dismissed yesterday by Judge Eugene Schwartzwald, on the grounds that VanRy didn’t get a constitutionally speedy trial. Still, VanRy is displeased, as are all sane New Yorkers, that he didn’t get a ruling on the right to stoop-drink. Clearly this calls for massive acts of civil disobedience as soon as the weather turns nice. Photo via Facebook.

Update: In comments, Sarah Ferguson tells how she won a similar case way back in 1998.


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