The Chicken Diary, Day 2


I had dinner out last night, and the Brit opted to defrost something of Amy’s, as he is wont to do, so the chicken and chicken stock laid low. Earlier this afternoon, I put it back to work. I used four cups of stock and about .75 pounds of meat to roughly follow this Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Soup recipe. I say roughly because I was working with already cooked chicken, obviously, didn’t have the curry leaves, and in general, I do a bit of soup improv. The resulting soup was quite tasty, if a bit more oily than the last time I roughly followed the same recipe. Still, it made a nice lunch for two with leftovers for another two.  It was good to have used such a simple recipe for roasting. Since all the chicken had on it was salt, it’s quite neutrally flavored, so it could happily jump into a variety of dishes. Just one more day of safe leftover chicken eating to go…oh the excitement.

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