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This Week in the Voice (Updated)


Sure, forcing food down ducks’ gullets sounds harsh, but Sarah DiGregorio held her nose and went to a New York foie gras farm — and reports that it wasn’t so bad. “I don’t think it’s OK to cut the fin off a shark and throw it back into the water,” she says. “If I had seen with my own eyes that Hudson Valley produced foie gras by abusing ducks, this article would have turned out very differently.” See why.

89-year-old Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau is still kicking white-collar ass. Not only did he recently recoup some city tax payments disgraced Tyco tycoons Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Swartz tried to evade; he also found Iranian money that Lloyds TSB Bank* was wiring illegally into the U.S. Total resulting fines and fees to the City of New York: $175 million. Read Tom Robbins on how he did it.

I’m Not You by Lily Allen “dumps much of Alright’s feather-light, kiddie-reggae effervescence, with louder, heavier, busier synth-pop enormo-jams that threaten to bury our acerbic heroine,” says Rob Harvilla. Does she dig her way back to the surface? Find out.

Michael Musto! He’s uptown (Elaine’s)! He’s downtown (Cowgirl Hall of Fame)! And he’s exalted master of the dot-dot-dish with a fistful of boldface names including Angela Lansbury and Mickey Rourke. Revel in him.

So ya like intellectual tough guy lit, huh? How’s about “toothless hookers, step-sibling incest, highway gunfights, and Fear and Loathing-type run-ins”? Or a “phenomenological detective, investigating a murder among a shadowy cult of amputees”? Don’t be a pussy — read Zach Baron on maudits Max G. Morton and Brian Evenson.

Van Morrison? He’s still alive? You don’t know the half — his new Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl kills and he’s coming to the WaMu Theatre. Scott Foundas actually talked to the man. Hear him.

You know who else is still kicking? Andrzej Wajda. The Polish master’s Katja, “the story he waited most of his life to tell,” opens in New York, and J. Hoberman is there (and at home, watching DVD releases of Rossellini’s history films and What Makes Sammy Run?).

Also: Robert Sietsema‘s tour of the papusa restaurants of Queens, Michael Feingold on Goodman Theatre’s Ruined and Donald Margulies’ Shipwrecked! An Entertainment, Alexis Soloski on the big-star Uncle Vanya and the low-budge Leah’s Train, Cristina Black on Lissy Trullie, Tal Rosenberg on Mountains, Nick Pinkerton on Film Comment Selects at the Walter Reade, Vadim Rizov on Michael Almereyda, Nicolas Rapold on Shinjuku Ecstasy, Martha Schwendener on new photo shows at MOMA and Harris Lieberman, Tom Sellar on the Zorn/Foreman Astronome, Eli Epstein-Deutsch on Immediate Medium’s Chuck.Chuck.Chuck., Ask a Mexican, Free Will Astrology, and Letters to the Editor.

*Update: Originally rendered here incorrectly as “Lloyds of London.”

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