Times Defends Subway Photog Vs. Bogus Arrest


It’s nice to see the New York Times sticking up for civil liberties. Today they cover the case of Robert Taylor, who last Thursday took pictures on the Freeman Avenue 2 train stop and was arrested. A cop told him he couldn’t take pictures, Taylor said he could, the cop called a sergeant, Taylor insisted on his rights and, as you might expect, he was cuffed and taken in, with the police “citing 9/11.” Those magic words probably won’t save the city from a successful lawsuit, says the Times, citing a previous bogus photography arrest and suggesting that Taylor “might end up with more than a nice dinner or two — at taxpayer expense.” The story has already gotten a ton of play on blogs, and now that the Times has weighed in, maybe the word will flow to 1PP and Bloomberg to back off. Photo (cc) Naixn.

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