Weiner Victorious, Sort of, in Dubai-Israel Tennis Flap


When the United Arab Emirates recently denied a visa to Israeli player Shahar Peer, excluding her from a big tennis tournament, Congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner sent out a press release saying “Rep. Weiner to Blast Dubai for Banning Israeli Athlete.” Then he blasted Dubai. Now the Congressman tells us he’s heard from the UAE’s Ambassador Al Otaiba that the UAE is going to let an Israeli player participate in the tournament after all. But it won’t be Shahar Peer — the women’s part of the tournament is already in progress with stars like the Williams Sisters competing. It’ll be Andy Ram, who will compete in the men’s tournament. Weiner portrays this as a victory. “I made it clear that I felt this was a set back for a nation that had made commendable efforts to foster understanding and tolerance,” he says. “Ms. Shahar Peer is a victim of politics over sportsmanship. But this story has a good ending, with an important lesson being learned on a very public stage… Hopefully this is the last time that this lesson has to be taught.”

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