Brit Boy In Search Of ‘Dream Girl’


He says it began with a nightmare — one that involved tampons, zombies and a decapitation by pizza cutter. But then, Adam Pacitti says, he met the girl of his dreams. In his dream.

She was “absolutely, genuinely perfect,” he says. And she kissed him.

When the 20-year-old British student awoke, he quickly sketched her face. The rectangular glasses-wearing doodle is “admittedly awful,” but Pacitti swears it’s not a joke. He believes this girl does exist somewhere, and he’s begun looking for her.

Since the dream last June, Pacitti has handed flyers in his native England, and created a website, My Space and Facebook pages to aid his cause. The day before Valentine’s, he took his quest stateside.

“I am genuinely looking for this person. I really think it’s the person I’m meant to be with,” he said yesterday by phone from the Radisson in San Antonio, TX, where he’d gone to meet a girl he thought might be his match.

If all of this sounds suspiciously familiar, it should. In November 2007, a guy named Patrick Moberg built a website dedicated to finding a girl he saw on the downtown 5 train. Moberg’s drawing skills were far superior to Pacitti’s, and since the girl he caught sight of really existed, he actually found her in the end.

Pacitti’s story is a bit more complicated. He says he has dropped out school and moved back in with his parents on the Isle of Wight so that he could dedicate himself full time to his quest.

He’s funding his trip through the U.S. with a freshly minted credit card, and says his parents, who weren’t available for comment, are “obviously very worried.”

But the British tabloids have taken note, and Pacitti has received more than 3,000 e-mails.  Judging from his MySpace page, and his 4,300 friends on Facebook, there seems to be no shortage of young females writing in to volunteer: “IT’S ME!”

It may sound like a brilliant way to get laid, and it could be, but Pacitti claims he has only met one girl, the one in Texas, for just a few minutes. He knew right away it wasn’t her.

“It was awkward,” he said. “When I saw her I told her ‘sorry, it’s not you.'”

This was after a 52-hour train ride from New York to San Antonio. (“It was hell.”)

Pacitti is passing back through Manhattan next weekend before his flight home. If he hasn’t found his dream girl by then, he plans on passing out flyers in Times Square, and taking this as far as his credit card will allow him. “I’m going to travel the world till I find her,” he said.