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George Pataki for Senate?


George Pataki has met with the head of the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee and is apparently considering a run for the Senate. Maybe those weak poll numbers for Kirsten Gillibrand have encouraged him. The free-spending former governor once had presidential ambitions, but those were different times, and it would be hard to defend him in the current environment on grounds of financial stewardship; as Wayne Barrett has pointed out, his no-tomorrow 2002 budget paved the way for much fiscal mischief in the rest of the decade.

Still, he’s well-known, and unlike fellow GOP Senate hopeful Rick Lazio has actually won statewide office. And he doesn’t have the high negatives of Rudolph Giuliani, who is occasionally mentioned in 2010 context. The Republicans are in try-anything mode right now, but with change and hope not yet dead as campaign devices, maybe they would do better to check the backwaters for new faces. Maybe they could try another former Mayor of Peekskill, provided he’s willing to lose the mustache. Photo (cc) Christopher Peterson.



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