How Do You Spell G-U-T-B-O-M-B?


Eating hindsight is always 20/20. Looking back I wouldn’t have ordered this creation called Wonton Nachos, but I’m a sucker for nachos and odd variations. I was checking out the new Brooklyn Public House (247 DeKalb Avenue) after a show at BAM. It was late, and beer-drinking food called to me. This iPhone photo doesn’t really do the Wonton Nachos justice (aside portraying them as dark and ominous), but they’re essentially a nacho made with wontons instead of tortilla chips. The menu said that the wontons would be topped with italian sausage, scallions, olives, and a creamy asiago cheese sauce. It neglected to mention that in addition to the asiago sauce, there would also be your standard mix of melted cheddar and jack (I think, it’s all rather blurry) melted all over the wontons. Said wontons were greasier than expected, and the sausage which could have been gross-good was more just the former. Even the sausage-lovin’ Brit picked around it. The scallions were something of a saving grace, leading me to eat far more of the greasy pile than intended. It wasn’t an enjoyable affair. Like a sloppy one night stand, the Wonton Nachos just happened. They were bad for me and not all that pleasurable. I certainly did not feel good about it in the morning.


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