NYU Caf Occupation Covered Live by Floor-Cam


Just weeks after the student occupation drama at the New School, NYU has an occupation of its own, in the Kimmel Center cafeteria. The occupiers’ demands start with amnesty, but generally have to do with financial transparency for the university — not a bad idea, considering how badly it was burned by Bernie Madoff — and just compensation for its employees, from researchers to bus drivers. They also want “excess supplies and materials” sent to the University of Gaza, and priority for student groups in the booking of university facilities. The occupiers offer streaming video from a camera currently aimed at the floor, and liveblogged comments (“So I’m getting naked” “I want to see some [censored]” “I wonder if they can even define fiduciary responsibility” “I’m pretty sure they can” etc).

Bloggers are of course feverishly commenting on the event, both pro (“NYU Students Makin’ Me Proud”) and con (“this is only 0.14% of the student body partying it up with vegan cookies on the third floor… when those 99.86% get to Kimmel today between classes for a chicken quesadilla with guac, salsa, and sour cream on the side, they’re going to be pissed”).