NYU Protest Update: 30-40 Students Rush Guards, Join Occupation. UPDATE: Protesters Say NYU Will Negotiate


At Take Back NYU, representives of the Kimmel Center occupiers claim that 30 to 40 new protesters have joined them by storming past security guards. In a subsequent statement they say, “Our fight is not with the guards; our fight is with the administration, and unfortunately the administration is hiding behind the security guards instead of confronting us themselves… we do not intend our occupation to cause harm to anyone, both guards and students alike.” Did someone get hurt? Building Our Power relays a report that “the police assaulted students Occupying the Kimmel Center and those making their way inside. She said that they hit many students and ripped shirts off of others.”

The video feed is spotty. They’ve shown a pile of cafeteria chairs jumbled into a “barricade.” At one point we heard some kid on the balcony yelling, “Any institution that claims to be a liberal instituion… would maybe respect the students a little bit…” “Can’t use the bathroom, for fucks sake!” said one nearer the mic. “I drank so much water!” Another guy asked viewers to approach, “not your parents, but adults who can speak articulately” and get them to call NYU President John Sexton and complain on their behalf.

An anonymous Runnin’ Scared commenter has a suggestion for the protesters: “You want to see John Sexton shit his pants? Get a large percentage of the student body to go on leave for a semester… Get them to move out of NYU housing (approx $1550 a month! per person!). Get them to drop their meal plans (which can be $2000+ a semester)…. The only way to get it to stop behaving badly is to boycott its products.”

Update to update, 11:15 pm. A young woman on the balcony speaks to onlookers through a bullhorn: “The administration has finally started talking about maybe meeting with us.” (Large cheer.) “To clarify, they have not actually agreed to enter negotiations.” (Mutter, mutter.) “What they have said… they have asked what we will give them if we agree to negotiate (MUTTER MUTTER! “We’ll give you tuition,” says a wiseguy). “We’re not giving them shit.” (Larger cheer.) “We are strong and we are united! Now’s the time for you guys to stand here and be as loud as you possibly can. (Yelling.) We want them to hear you at the meeting… we want them to be fucking scared! ” Then they chant “We will not cooperate/Till you negotiate.” Then the young woman comes back says, “The administration has agreed to negotiate with us.” Website posts this news.

Then they chant something else. Eventually the protesters break into “Solidarity Forever” (Commenter: “AUTOTUNE”) which degenerates into a discussion of the proper lyrics. In the immortal words of George Booth, we may as well go home; it’s obvious that this meeting isn’t going to settle anything.


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