NYU Protest Update: No to Concessions, Yes to Nudity


Protesters say they met with NYU representatives and told them they refused to leave the caf until their first two demands (protester amnesty, workman’s comp) were met. Negotiations broke down there.

Press conference just ended, chatters at webcam are upset that they’re not showing it. Update: feed back on! Guy (pictured) says “things are getting interesting” but they “still got nothing from the NYU Administration.” Says there’ll be a confab at Kimmel at midnight; NYU’s demanding they all leave by 1 a.m. Announces he’ll look at questions people have been sending; a minute later says, “Are there any serious questions?” (Chatters are asking about the toppings on their pizza and “are you guys having a big orgy in there?”)

Co-eds on the scene strip, shout “Show your tits for TBNYU!” (Update: an NYU Local commenter claims misattribution, “Exposure til Disclosure” as the real quote.)

Our Man on the Inside reports that “The vegan cupcakes, dancing and radical calisthenics continue, and students plan to stick around until NYU finally comes to the table and talks.”


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