Post Chimp Drama Persists, Rightbloggers Leap to Defense


People are still mad about Post cartoonist Sean Delonas’ comparison of the recently slaughtered Travis the Chimp to someone connected to the stimulus bill who may or may not be Barack Obama. Al Sharpton has called for a boycott, picketers have appeared at the Post HQ, etc.

Rightbloggers have struck back with plausible deniabilty (“After all, it is Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco’s plastic-faced crypt keeper, who is speaker of the house”), humor, and pretenses of humor. They have room to do so, as the intent of the cartoon can only be speculated upon, and sensible people may disagree about it. But we might wonder whether, at a down time for conservatives in which the Republican Party chairman is hoping to give his team a more “hip-hop” image, this is an issue on which they really want to go to the wall. Defending simian imputations against Democrats at length would seem, to use another racially loaded analogy, about as productive as fighting a tar baby.

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