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Landlords Can’t Shun Section 8 Tenants, Court Rules


Boy, New York landlords are getting their asses kicked these days, aren’t they? Well, not far enough, but it’s a good start. Earlier this month Sheldon Silver pushed a bunch of tough tenant-friendly laws through the state assembly, and they await the senate’s disposition. The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development released a highly critical report on landlord abuse of capital improvement laws. A big Greenpoint condo went broke and rental. Developer got flak for trying to put one over on a community board.

In the latest ass-kicking, a judge has upheld a recently-passed law prohibiting landlords from refusing to accept Section 8 tenants who get their rent paid by the federal government due to physical or mental disability financial or other hardships. In court landlords had complained about processing delays that made collecting their Section 8 rents a chore, and also claimed the new law didn’t apply to old tenants. Emily Jane Goodman of State Supreme Court disabused them Tuesday. A spokesman for the landlords’ association says Goodman “was determined to interpret this law in a way that benefited the tenant.” Get used to it, fellas. Revised, 12:00 pm. Photo (cc) Carl MiKoy.


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