Nat’l History Blue Whale Sends Our Hearts A-Twitter


People are always sending us twitter faves like The_Real_Shaq and the fake Pam and Jim, but we find few of these accounts as delightful as that of the Museum of Natural History’s Blue Whale. Suspended from the ceiling of the Whale Room, the large mammal shows wit and verve of a sort we are unaccustomed to getting from non-profit public relations factota. Samples: “Just saw a boy put his gum in his sister’s hair and she didn’t notice! Kinda wish I could follow them out of this room to see what happens” and “Why isn’t anyone talking about the 21,000-pound whale in the room?” We suspect his bosses don’t edit his work; to paraphrase Ossie Davis, being a blue whale can be a lot of fun when there ain’t nobody lookin’. It almost makes up for the awful Twitter cartoons and neologisms.


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