NYU Protest Update: Clash


twitpic via nullsleep

NYU Local’s late night thread: “1:04 – We’ve been offered a chance to leave now. I can’t leave. I’ve been following this story for over 28 hours straight. I know you all are waiting to hear what happens. I got you. I’m in it for the long haul.”

The feed is black but someone just yelled “They’re charging the barricades!” and “Get the megaphone,” and there’s a lot of yelling and banging.

Now someone’s saying, “Yo, there’s a riot.”

Now the feed is off.

NYU Local twitter feed: “Cops are beating people… tbnyuers still think they can restart negotiations.”

Feed pops back up — a guy: “I need to mute you because I can’t show what we’re doing.” Feed off again.

NYU Local posts a “safe harbor” agreement, being distributed and apparently signed by two NYU senior vice provosts, Linda Mills and Lynne P. Brown, saying the school won’t prosecute/discipline students for the “Kimmel event” until after their schooling is done, will use its “best efforts” to keep students from legal prosecution, and that a meeting will be set up “as soon as is practicable” between five student reps and the senior vice provosts to discuss issues.

Washington Square News gets a quote from Farah Khimji, who’s still inside: “I personally don’t think that we instigated what happened outside. The crowd did what they did, and the cops did what they did. They were really violent.” WSN can’t confirm that the police were using mace. NYU Local says Take Back NYU wants to stay overnight — and apparently is being allowed to do so.

Here’s NYU Local’s video of the scene from the occupation headquarters, and a bunch of people splitting:

Update: Take Back NYU: “We, the students of the occupation, remain firmly against non-violent action” — a typo, we hope — “and we hope the crowd stands in non-violent solidarity with us. Negotiations are ongoing and we thank you all for your support!!”



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