NYU Protest Update: Negotiators Reported Suspended


twitpic via nullsleep

Our Man on the Outside tells us, “Student occupiers claim they sent a five-person delegation to negotate with the administration this morning, and the students were immediately suspended and not permitted to return to the occupation.” Oops! We thought suspensions were out. (Update: OMotO says the suspended students will get a “tribunal.”) Also, “Cops are arriving and setting up lots more barricades, Looks like they’re preparing to storm the citadel.”

Take Back NYU says the administration cut off their internet and electrical outlets inside Kimmel, so obviously the feed is down. (They’re phoning messages to outside sources and having their communiques posted through them).

A support rally has been called outside Kimmel for… right now.

Update: NYU Local twitters: “non nyu students have left the building. nyu students suspended… full judicial process. this shit looks like its over… nyu students still in the building… non nyu students granted amnesty.”


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