NYU Protest Update: The Final Four


Photos, legwork by Robert Sietsema.

There are only a few students left inside the Kimmel Center, which has been occupied since Thursday in the Take Back NYU protest. Those are the final four in the picture, reported by NYU Local’s twitter feed to be Ryan Olander — an intern at the Washington Peace Center who is not an NYU student but “joined the occupation because he agrees with the protesters’ political ideas and purpose,” reports the Washington Square NewsDrew Phillips, whom NYU Local identifies as an NYU philosophy major, Sarah Magno (NYU) and Krista Hendricksen (Drew University) .

Students (above) from other schools, including the New School (site of a similar protest in December), were given a clear path to leave Kimmel before the final showdown and staged an impromptu press conference in support of Take Back NYU. The school said that any non-NYU students found inside — or any NYU student refusing to identify him or herself — would be turned over to the police. Guess that amnesty thing didn’t work out.

Here are some of the cops keeping order outside Kimmel. Washington Square News says every student who stayed inside past 1:45 a.m. is suspended — as were the five student negotiators who apparently walked into a trap earlier.

Farah Khimji is shown above being interviewed, with councilmember Charles Barron standing behind her. She says she was pushed to the ground by a bunch of security guards, which Barron calls an “outrage.”

It’s pretty much done but for the final defenestrations. Above, some kids sing “Solidarity Forever” and gesture at the Kimmel balcony.

Update: Aaaaand… scene.


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