TGIF–Suggesting Damon: Frugal Friday


You might have heard that every Friday, Damon Wise, the executive chef of Craft, takes over Craft’s private event space next door to create a pop-up restaurant that serves nothing over $10, with many dishes well below that mark. We tried it a few weeks ago, and it was an extremely enjoyable dinner–unpretentious good food. The menu changes often; the dishes are generally simple but thoughtful. Everything’s to share, and it’s best to order a little and then order some more, as most dishes come out immediately, in a rush. One night, we loved duck hearts with earthy, red-wine-cooked farro, a lovely, dense chicken liver pate, served in a jar with cherries on top, and fried sardines with pickle aioli. Cocktails are well-made and less expensive than usual.

47 East 19th Street, 212-780-0880
No reservations 

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