Wall Street Journal: Ape Cartoon Innocent, Critics “Intimidate”


We’re tired of the Obama-monkey-Post-cartoon story, too, but can’t abandon it without calling your attention to James Taranto‘s brain-hurting take in the Wall Street Journal. Taranto starts by quoting Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent speech about Americans being “cowards” about race. Taranto thinks there’s “a grain of truth” to that — after all, think of all the white people who are victims of the “culture of intimidation promoted by people like Al Sharpton in the name of racial sensitivity,” and how the Post cartoon is a great example of that. What if, Taranto suggests, cartoonist Delonas is “so innocent of racial prejudice that he has never even thought to make a connection between black people and lower primates?” That seems far-fetched, as on the evidence of his previous work Delonas seems an expert at prejudices of all sorts. Taranto concludes: “Delonas and his editors are under attack for seeing ‘chimp’ and failing to think ‘black guy.'” And so it is he who is due an apology — from all you awful people who intimidated him with your culture. Good day to you, sirs! We say, good day!


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