Auf Wiedersehen, Fashion Week!


It’s been a long fashion week. Voice editors Araceli Cruz and Stacey Anderson say goodbye.

AC: Ok, I’m sad. I feel my life becoming ordinary again.

SA: And I’m sick. It is so exhausting, this fabulousness.

AC: That’s what happens when you cover a gazillion shows!

SA: My show count got to 17-20.


SA: Amazing for someone who can barely dress herself some days, right?

AC: This was our first time at FW. I got the impression from others that this was totally downsized, but I can’t imagine how over the top it was in past years. We went to several presentations, and I really liked them. So much more casual then a 10-min. runway show.

SA: I preferred the runways, actually.

AC: Well of course they’re a ton more glamorous. But you can’t get drunk at William Rast the way we did at Rachel Roy.

SA Well also I felt the runway shows were more straightforward, in a way… Carolina Herrera was there to show you clothes that you may/may not purchase someday. Betsey Johnson was there to show you clothes AND feed you petit fours AND have a dance contest AND hey, look, a dog.

SA: Have you ever read the short story “The Dream of the Consortium” by Steven Millhauser? It’s about a fabulous store with many whimsical departments, but the shoppers are eventually dismayed to realize that it all boils down, on an aggressive level, to selling everything in sight.

SA: Some of the installations were distracting in that way, I think. But they were still fun.

AC: Very true…Wintour herself said that this year’s FW was great in the sense that before there were too many runway shows, with many designers that perhaps shouldn’t have been showing on such a large scale.

SA: Such as a certain ‘NSync singer who likes to dress up as an omelet.

AC: That omelet outfit speaks volumes, unlike his line.

SA: You really didn’t like that show, eh? I was just moderately bored. Which show/installation was your favorite?

AC: By far, my favorite show was United Bamboo. Every single piece that came out was incredible. So wearable, so fresh. Dresses and skirts for modern and confident women. Simple cuts and designs, a hundred times more inventive than what we saw from the folks at William Rast.

SA: We need to find that clip from the Rast show of me being interviewed for a Philippines fashion network. Wonder if it ever aired.

SA: It was surprising, too – not that I can spout nonsensical sound bites at will, but that the networking and schmoozing at runway shows is actually done ON the runway. Before each show, the house covered the runway with a tarp, and all the fashionistas treaded back and forth air-kissing and exchanging cards. It was a very purposeful atmosphere.

AC: What was you favorite line?

SA: Erin Fetherston. Lots of red satin, dramatic calliope music that perfectly offset the dollhouse, almost Victorian vibe.

AC: And the worst?

SA: Oh boy…

AC: Well while you think, the worst show for me was Carlos Miele. So basic. So Charlotte Russe.

SA: Bitch, I have like 20 things from Charlotte Rousse!

SA: Ahem.

AC: Clothes that look affordable don’t need to be tacky. The only thing that impressed me at Alice + Olivia was the mini cupcakes, and that shirt/dress that that girl from 90210 was wearing, what’s her name? Shenae something.

SA: Fair enough. I was debating between Miele and William Rast…but lest Justin T come after me with a pickax, I will agree: Miele. I also thought his music was a bit too aggressive for the clothing, which was also an issue at Nanette Lepore.

AC: Really, at Lepore?

SA: Yes, they blasted bits from “Paper Planes” and other current pop but at the most ear-shredding volume ever… The mix was terrible.

AC: That reminds me of the Rachel Roy show. I mean, do these DJs know anything else aside from MGMT?

SA: My favorite celebrity sighting was either Kanye or Carine Roitfeld, the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue. Unlike Anna Wintour, who shrank around with her bodyguard and lived up to the icy rep, Roitfeld waited in line, hugged people, and just seemed so exuberant. So happy and gracious. I was at three shows with Anna Wintour and did not see her crack a smile once.

AC: Hmm… trying to go through the list most were pretty average celebs. The Kardashian gals, Miss Universe, Sophia Bush, and American Idol folks…

AC: Question: Why did they go to these shows? Like, them and the Danity Kane girl. Are they just there for a photo op? Do they even wear it? And can they really afford this crap?

Stacey: Er…can we afford it?

AC: Maybe just the McQueen for Target line.

SA: Whatever. I am dressed like a total grunge monkey today, for the first time in a week, and I love it.

AC: So, I wasn’t as fortunate to see Kanye like you and Angela. Seeing Paris and Lindsay was cool.

SA: Kanye swanned into Phillip Lim like he ruled the earth and sky. He does not disappoint.

AC: I’d say Andre Leon Talley was the best celeb I saw. Him and Olivia Palmero.

SA: Good call on Andre. He wrote the cover profile of Michelle Obama for this month’s Vogue, and it’s lovely.

AC: Since I see Sean Lennon on Broadway all the time, seeing him at every show wasn’t a big deal. But remember that hot guy in the front row at William Rast? Damn. I don’t know where I’ve seen him before, but he is too hot to be a nobody.

SA: That sounds like the sort of attitude one would pick up at Fashion Week, missy. Be careful; most folks at Bryant were nice, but we met some snobs. Would you say you felt comfortable amid the fashion crowd?

AC: After the Charlotte Ronson show, it was as though I was transported into another realm, one the Sarah Jessica Parker would be a part of. The only time I felt underdressed was at Reem Acra. The most over the top show had to be GenArt.

SA: Right, the neon lighting and Moulin Rouge vibe inside the theaterhouse. And the spinning fulcrum of the runway that didn’t end up doing anything during the show.

AC: Good point. Although the men were hot! More manly than the Richard Chai show, not to say they weren’t damn cute. Ok, sorry, getting a little off track.

SA: No, we can stay on this for a while. Mmm.. Wasn’t a fan of the clothes but enjoyed the spectacle.

AC: And how I can forget? Going to Patricia Field’s house! I was in shock. Such a great apartment…or loft.. What would you call that?

SA: The Bat Cave. It was mammoth.

AC: Paradise on Bowery.

SA: I thought the Voice was paradise on the Bowery. You ARE a communist!

SA: So… would you go to Fashion Week again?

AC: Uh….yes. You?

SA: Yes. Though I think we’re all in agreement that fashion is a nice place to visit, but it’s good to be home.

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