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Ad: Work 12-Hr Days Finding Spas, Hot Corners for Faith Popcorn


Once and future futurist Faith Popcorn may have a job for you! There’s an ad on Craigslist inviting some lucky young knowledge worker to serve the inventor of terms we use to this day, like “Brailling the culture” and “InCulture Marketing,” as a factotum (or, if you find the term demeaning, dogsbody).

The ad asks:

“Can you create a CEO Salon at an Upper East Side Townhouse?

“Can you find a Gifted and Talented school for a four year old Chinese girl?

“Can you find a holistic vet, a Japanese Hot Spa in Tokyo, and deliver a cut bamboo arrangement to New Jersey?

“And get a corner table in a hot restaurant.

“No problem? Can you do it all in the same 12 hour day?”

The ad further promises a “glamorous, intense atmosphere at a wild pace.” Sounds irresistible, but we would suggest that, before you leap at this opportunity, you read this review from an anonymous source who accused Popcorn in 2007 of endeavoring to “rip employee’s heads off and shit down their throats.” But for some, that may be part of the wild, intense charm, and besides, as Popcorn predicted all the way back in December, these are tough economic times. Now send in that CV and start lining up holistic vets!


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