Bahn Mi Inflation?


Fucked in Park Slope blog (via Eater) reports that the highly anticipated Hanco’s in Park Slope (350 7th Avenue, Brooklyn) finally opened this weekend, but all is not right beneath the pate. A look at the menu for the new Hanco’s location reveals that the sandwiches are going for $7, and an original, 16-ounce bubble tea will set you back $4.75. That seems quite a bit higher than the prices at the Boerum Hill Hanco’s (85 Bergen Street, Brooklyn).

A call to that location confirms it. There, a sandwich is a pretty reasonable (not too much more than you’ll pay in Chinatown) $5.25 and the 16 oz. bubble tea is $3.50. Perhaps there are evil plans to raise prices at the Boerum Hill location, but it hasn’t happened yet. The two locations are less than a mile and a half apart in fairly equally bougie stroller Brooklyn nabes. Did they think Mommy and me wouldn’t notice a 33% hike in cheap sandwich prices? Really Hanco’s.


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